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Stewart Gerlis

Stewart Gerlis

   President' Message       Greetings!   For your information, I never abandon my duty
for the beloved EAAD… I have many things to announce on the website… But, it expects to take many pages to read them… However, I choose the important items… They are as follows:
(1) EAAD Board of Directors were proud of 4 EAAD teams had reached the three different divisions' final games of USADB Tournament in Concord, North Carolina in April 2014.   The teams were Showstoppers (Men Division 1); Greater Philadelphia (Men Division 2); Showstoppers Stars (Women Division 1) and North Virginia (Women Division 1).   (2) Unfortunately, Showstoppers did not win the Championship game.   Showstoppers captured the second consecutive runner-up in 2013 and 2014… Hopefully, Showstoppers will able to grab 1st place trophy in 2015.   (3) Greater Philadelphia unexpectedly surprised the opponent teams to pick up 1st place award in Men Division 2… A big fat congratulations to Greater Philadelphia.  (4) The big battle between Showstoppers Stars and Northern Virginia tried to pick up 1st place trophy of Women Division 1.   Showstoppers Stars found a magic potion to axe Northern Virginia for getting 1st place award.   Both teams came from EAAD.   (5) The minute of the Board of Directors and Delegates' Meetings will display in the website in a jiffy…   (6) Conclusion, the Board of Directors & I excitedly announced that Ms. Alexandria Pucciarelli accepted her new position as secretary/treasurer of EAAD… To my knowledge, she is most young lady to assume her position in EAAD history… I strongly believe that she will perform her duty very well…
                                                             Stewart Gerlis, President, EAAD

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One Spirit, One Team,