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Vice President

John Perry

John Perry

Vice President's announcement to come.

       I proudly announced that our organization has
new website.
       Firstly, Please accept my deepest apology for frequently under-construction. It will take some time
to complete this website. Thirdly, this website will able to give more information about basketball and softball history since 1946. Fourth, this website will show you browsing the information about basketball and softball records including standings, all-star players, most valuable players, most outstanding players, Coach of
the Tournament, Sportmanship Team, etc. Fifth, this website will give more information about the profiles
of hall of fame inductees since 1946. Sixth, all delegates can browse the update of our constitution & by laws, basketball and softballs guidelines & hall of fame guidelines. In addition, you can download from
our PDF.
Respectfully yours,
  Stewart Gerlis,
    President, EAAD

bluebar basketball

One Spirit, One Team,